Saturday, February 22, 2014

What are we really teaching the kids - Extreme punishment for not doing math homework

Last week, at a certain premium secondary school in India a math teacher was frustrated that a boy in his class had not done his math homework for a month. So the teacher decided to teach him a lesson of a different kind. He asked all the other students in the class to slap him for not doing his homework. And almost all the other students actually did that -except for 2 girls. The teacher then decided to punish the two girls for disobeying him, asking them to stand up on their chair.
There are just several problems here...

1. The teacher did not think it appropriate to inform the parents, the class teacher or the principal
2. The student is probably scarred for life with his friends slapping him at the behest of a teacher (more like tor-mentor now)
3. All the other students in the class are stressed about what happened and confused about what is the right thing to do

Thankfully, this was brought to the attention of the principal by a parent of one of the two girls who refused the teacher's orders and the teacher was fired immediately after the incident.

What is worth noting is that only 2 students out of a class of 40 had the courage to stand up to an inappropriate instruction from an authority figure. Yet it gives me hope because it is because of the actions of these 2 girls that this teacher will not be able to inflict further damage on other students in this school. But what if he goes to another school...

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